Since we started our activities in Hamburg with a barging line in 1982, we have grown to a diversified transport company with a high level of flexibility and commitment to our customers. Utilizing our own barges and tugboats we are able to offer you an environmentally safe and reliable alternative to the truck-on-road solution. Being based in Hamburg we cover all important waterways across Europe. One advantage of transporting goods on water is that there is less burdensome paperwork and permit processes which makes it easier to forecast travel and arrival times at the desired destination. Prime destinations include but are not limited to: The Elbe to Cuxhaven incl. northern channel region and the port of Hamburg. You will see our boats pass by on the Elbe in particular the lower Elbe, the Elbe Lateral Channel (Elbe -Seitenkanal), the Mittelland-Channel, the Weser, the North-Baltic Sea Channel (NOK) as well as other northern sea- and waterways. Additional services that we offer include professional inspection of goods with the help of our licensed partners.

Our pliable fleet allows us to accommodate any kind of goods and project loadings. The tug-barge offers variably usable stowage space and customized loading options. Another advantage of the tugboat and barge is the shallow draught allowing us to ship your goods even at low tides.

Transport goods

  • Food / food products
  • Building materials
  • Project cargo
  • Container
  • Coal
  • Bulk
  • Large volume charges
  • Heavy cargo
  • Full and empty containers
  • Special equipment (container with exceptional dimensions)
  • Dangerous goods

We have our own ship fleet and we deliver your goods reliably, planably and ecologically. We put a high quality claim on our team and our performance so that you are always satisfied. Our fleet is supplemented by a modern truck fleet – so we can always offer you the most effective transport solution from a single source.

Fleet stock

  • Own ships with own staff (MiloG)
  • Barges
  • Tugs and thrusters
  • Larger / Barges
    (Loader size up to 74.25 x 10.04 x 4 m)
  • covered lighter / bar
    (loader room size 63.50 x 9.00 x 3.85 m)
  • covered shafts
    (cargo space size 21.00 x 6.35 x 3.30 m)
  • open shafts
    (cargo space size up to 27.00 x 6.90 x 3.20 m)